Living in Auckland and in need of a cake? Yes need. Not want. ONE always NEEDS cake.

If any of these tickle your fancy just flick me an email and we can chat about your options. At this stage cakes are only available weekends. Ideally let me know by Wednesday evening so that I don't go and last minute plan anything raging for the weekend instead. Last minute miracles might be possible if the moon and stars are aligned perfectly in a diamond above my kitchen. Prepayment is ideal as I really don't want to be stuck last minute with a delicious unwanted cake. I mean there could be worse things but my summer bikini body would not be pleased. 


Floral Chocolate Cake

Three layers of moist chocolate cake with salted caramel in between, iced with vanilla buttercream and decorated with fresh blooms (subject to season).

Naked 3 layer 15cm cake: $110

Fully buttercream covered (no cake shows through): $130

Two tiered (15cm tier and 20cm tier): $250



Lemon and Blueberry Cake

This zesty treat is studded with softly sweet blueberries and topped with a fresh lemon icing. This can come as either a single 20cm layer or a two layer 15cm construction. The 15cm version makes a very cute and personal birthday cake for someone special or of course you know, just yourself. 20cm cuts nicely into 12ish slices, the 15cm more like 8-10 skinnier but taller slices.

Single 20cm layer: $55

Two-layer 15cm cake: $65

Three-layer 20cm cake: $130


The Birthday Cake 

Aka the cake that had a unicorn explode all over the top of it. Three extra moist layers of rich chocolate cake all bundled up in a layer or two of lush vanilla buttercream and of course topped with dark chocolate ganache and decorated with all of that snazz. 15cm diameter and enough to serve up to 15 people.

$80 15cm diameter

$120 20cm diameter



Chocolate Drizzle Cake

With salted caramel and peanut butter of course. Three extra moist layers of rich chocolate cake sandwiched together with lush vanilla buttercream and Small Batch peanut butter. Features include the salted caramel drizzled down the side and the endless opportunity to decorate with your favourite caramel and nutty candy bars.

$80 15cm diameter

$120 20cm diameter



Tiered Chocolate Drizzle Cake

A 25cm slab of cake with another 20cm stack on top of it and then smothered in all sorts of joy.




Salted Caramel Hummingbird Cake

Do I even need to explain? Three layers of fruity banana cake smothered in cream cheese icing, walnuts and caramel. Three 20cm layers of cake all piled up to form one tower of beauty. Serves around 12-15 depending on how greedy your friends are.




Chocolate Beetroot Cake with Salted Caramel

Dense rich chocolate cake sandwiched together with dark chocolate ganache and generous drizzles of salted caramel. This cake consists of three 20cm layers. Serves around 12-15 depending on how greedy your friends are.




Carrot Cake

Probably one of the best carrot cakes you will ever consume. Mummy Edmonds' recipe is superbly moist and juicy. Filled to the brim with fruit. Let me know if prunes aren't your thing. Three layers sandwiched together with delectable cream cheese icing (duh). Serves around 12-15 depending on how greedy your friends are.




Chocolate Cake

The sturdiest of all my bakes. This cake never fails to impress. I once made four tiers of this for a wedding cake and all but the top layer were consumed within the hour! Stays good for days if it even stays around that long. Sandwiched together with none other than a dark chocolate ganache. I can prepare a small jar of salted caramel for you to drizzle over later if you so wish for another $6.


Picture coming soon... imagine the carrot cake but all chocolatey instead...

Serves around 12-15 depending on how greedy your friends are.



Sweet Sweet Lemon Cake (gluten free available)

A wonderfully delectable lemon cake made with all the goodness of almond and yoghurt then drenched with sweet syrup. This cake can be made to order gluten free as well if you are that way inclined. A jar of lemon curd to serve this with is available for an additional $10. This cake is 20cm in diameter and can serve around 10-12 people.




Vanilla Birthday Cake

Two layers of vanilla cloud like delight. The lightest vanilla cake you will experience all wrapped up in whippings of soft vanilla buttercream. Name your colour and it shall be yours. 20cm in diameter and serves around 12 (provided my brother isn't invited - it's his favourite!)

$60 two layers

$75 three layers



Coconut and Raspberry Cake (gluten free) 

Two 15cm layers of lush coconutty and raspberry glory sandwiched together with cream cheese icing with a hint of lemon.