Sure to Rise

I live very close to One Tree Hill. For those of you not familiar with this particular hill in Auckland, it does not actually have a tree on it anymore. 

Every morning before work I get up while it is still dark and go for a power walk up the hill because I am too cheap to pay for a gym membership. 


The best part is getting to the top and watching the sun rise over in East Auckland. It is really quite beautiful. I'm not a spiritual person but whenever I see the first sightings of a sunrise I feel like I am in my zen place. I think it is an excellent way to start the day. 




I was recently in Rotorua staying with some friends who live right on the lake. After a bit of a late night and a few too many beers I still insisted I set my alarm for 6.30am where I went and sat out on the deck with a few other die hard fans and watched the world wake up in silence.


Just thought I would share :)