Wednesday. Japanese chicken curry and a side of cabbage. Just cabbage.

Yesterday I decided to buy eye cream. A couple of days ago after examining the plethora of delayed puberty on my chin I spotted some micro wrinkles under my eyes. Where did my thirteen year old eye skin go!!?? I had to ask Mum when one was supposed to start using eye cream. Gosh it is almost like the time she took me to the supermarket at age twelve because she told me it was time to start wearing deodorant. Here I was thinking that was traumatic enough, if only young Sophie knew what was to come.
So here I am at 24 dabbing eye cream onto my eyes. At least it’s a helluva lot easier than putting non Wok n Noodle food into my body.

To be fair though I don't think I did too badly today. Let's ignore all the unlisted biscuits in between though.. 

Breakfast: fake Bircher muesli (aka oats and raisins soaked in milk with a chopped apple)

Lunch: Left over taco – FYI cold and slightly soggy panko fried fish is not that great the next day. Beggars however are unable to be choosy over the crispiness of a panko crumb.

Dinner: Lemon and blueberry cake batter left behind in the bowl and chicken Japanese curry (feat. Kumara, peas and carrots and a shit tonne of raw shredded cabbage on the side). To be honest it looked like Nana’s Sunday chicken roast downed in a pool of gravy plus cabbage. So much cabbage. All I can say is thank God Bae isn't coming to visit this week...

Id add a photo to this but alas my bowl was not that pretty looking.. Quite the opposite. Instead have saved snap I took of some ever so versatile salt I found..