Wednesday. I just want a chocolate fudge cake.

It's been ages since I've had feeling related cravings. Work was terrible for the third day running and the resultant existential crisis is making me want a gooey, fudgey, ganache covered chocolate cake so bad. A hug from bae and a good solid cry would also be ideal.  


I live a 14 minute drive from work and the bus took 1 hour 15. Tomorrow I'm walking to the train station because this makes me want to break something especially after such a shitty day.


Do do I have to eat pho again? It's tasty but it's just not truffle Mac and cheese nor is it cake.  


I can confidently say that eating the same thing everyday gets you down. If you too are a food enthusiast then mealtimes are probably the highlights of your day. Today my highlight was the prospect of a stale tortilla with my soup. If your food doesn't bring you joy then you're just going to set yourself up for failure. Not even two delicious persimmons could save the day. 


Friday 8.25pm could not come fast enough (aka the time Dylan's flight comes in). I will also prob make truffle Mac and cheese for dinner that night. From Wednesday's point of view the food week can only get better, especially since tomorrow is Wok n Noodle night with other Sophie! 


In summary: I finished my 1kg jar of peanut butter and replenished the salt I lost through my tears. Tomorrow will be better.