Tuesday. So begins the week of brocolli.

Ah junk free June starts tomorrow.  Not for me though. I did it last year and when I ate a couple of fun size chocolate bars towards the end the guilt was overwhelming. Funnily I eat "better" when I'm not trying to. As soon as something becomes taboo it consumes me. I don't even think about twix bars when I'm "allowed" to have them. When all the hip nz celebs get involved too, "junk free" suddenly becomes "clean" and the whole thing becomes carb, fat, dairy and gluten free. Sure chips, fast food and lollies aren't good for you on a regular basis but there are plenty of other food groups that should be consumed regularly albeit in moderation. Basically, I don't need another media source telling me that I am a bad person for what I eat.

I try really hard to be in a harmonious relationship with food. It's really hard. I went from being a 14 year old who would feel guilty for eating a kiwi fruit after school and would weigh herself twice a day to someone at Uni who would smother her feelings in brownie batter. My boyfriend's sister snapped me a pic of her "diet" breakfast this morning and all of a sudden I panicked. I'm huge compared to her, should I be on a diet too? Should I be counting my carbs and macros like my flatmate? For the first time in a while I feel quite distressed about the whole thing.

Irrelevant of the whole junk free hullabaloo I funnily enough ate a brocolli and beef stir fry. A whole head of brocolli was consumed, why? Because it was three for $5 at countdown and I knew I only had to cook for myself three more times this week. I found a recipe whilst flicking through an Annabel Langbein winter cookbook thing. I was quite excited but the final product was not so flash. I had to add extra ginger and kecap manis to the sauce to make it slightly palatable. Once cooked though it was actually quite tasty. Overall it wasn't bad for a first attempt or a miserable weeknight dinner for one.  

I also made a snickers, peanut butter, pretzel birthday brownie so looking forward to having a cheeky piece of that when she gets home. 



I can't cut it yet.. It's too oozy! 

I can't cut it yet.. It's too oozy!