Auckland Eats: Onehunga Night Markets

"Its like Disney Land . . but for your stomach!"

I have been venturing off on weeknight food excursions quite a bit recently. 

Not having to study or do assignments in the evenings now that I am no longer a student has left me free to explore on school nights. 

No matter the culture, humans have a tendency to base social interactions around food and eating patterns. In the last week I have caught up with a couple of friends and at each time food was involved whether it be dessert, going to the markets or having them round for dinner. 

Alix, who I flatted with in third year is living up in Auckland as well (!!!) and who is also the best person in the world was keen to come and hit up the Onehunga night markets this Thursday for dinner with me. Having both not eaten on purpose since lunch time and with purses full of cash we threw ourselves into the market. 

I love the bustle, the smoke and the smell of hot sizzling meat wafting through the air. I am writing this with my eyes still bloodshot from the glaring lights and my face greasy from all the oil and heat. Not to mention sitting in super baggy clothing as I have a food baby like no other. 

Going with a friend is the best. I love trying new things and quite often you get too full after just a few things by yourself to do the rounds properly. But when with a friend (who can also eat you under the table - I take my hat off to you Alix) you can try everything the stalls have to offer. 


I have to say the fried pork buns at Onehunga were some of the best I have ever had. I managed to get as many vermicelli noodles on my front and the ground as I did my mouth. We said YOLO to the extra spicy beef bulgogi and an honourable mention of course goes to the chocolate dipped churros which is where we finished up.

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