This is so exciting. Me blogging? haha not that anyone will read this. We don't really have much of a blogging culture in NZ, well unless you are some artsy alternative emo kid or something. Twitter is also another thing we don't really do. Smart phones and their network plans are too expensive to tweet every single thing that pops into our heads. Although I do have an account. My friend Georgie and I took the piss out of all the celebrity tweets by updating every 2 minutes about what exactly we were doing. Aaah. Study procrastination. Now I really should be doing chem study right now, but I am not really inspired by the Schrodinger wave equation at the moment. 

The main purpose of this blog was to share my baking adventures and crafty diy adventures. Except at the moment I am not adventuring very far. You see we are in the middle of uni exams. Whoop! Yeah. Plus at the hall I am staying at (where I am a second year - why did I return another year? I ask myself this everyday) we don't really have a kitchen. Some houses have one but communal kitchens annoy me. Stuff always gets "borrowed" and when you need to make something and just as it is too late to turn back you realise you are missing a vital ingredient. Frustrating much.

Speaking of kitchens, I can't wait to move into my new flat next year with the girls. Its going to be awesome. Kinda strange living in an actual house like situation without parents. Bill paying, gross.

Ok so I may as well start the ball rolling with this Hummingbird cake I made. Do you know the Hummingbird Bakery? well my Auntie has their book. Omgoodness it is filled with the most wonderous things. Anyway this recipe is from there. I really want to try their Brooklyn blackout cake too. I digress. I iced this cake with a tonne of cream cheese icing. I also made it with two layers (I was too lazy to bake a third) so there was icing in between also. So good. So sickening. I gave myself a pat on the back for this creation.

Yes I also love the iphone (or in my case ipod touch) app Instagram. It makes me look like I am a cool indie kid with an expensive camera and excess artistic flair coming out of my bottom.
Then I added sprinkles . . .

The receiver was most pleased with this cake. So were his friends who gobbled it up whilst he recovered from his birthday 21 shots.

Yum. That is all.