Melt a Rainbow Take II

My posts seem to come in two lately. 

Ever since I did this the first time around last October/November Mum has wanted to try it too. So here we go . . 

This time we decided to get actual Crayola crayons. Turns out they are water soluble and so don't produce as waxy a trail as I originally would have liked. Although on the flipside they look sort of like watercolours which I like. 

So here goes. So first step, line all your crayons up on a canvas big enough.

Next, using a hot glue gun, stick on the crayons one by one.

 Next, with your hairdrier, heat the row of crayons on a low heat, angling downwards so that they melted wax doesn't splatter up and so the wax trails don't cross.

Stop when you have the right amount of meltedness :)

Mean, now where to put this . . .