Swimming Pools and Cakes


Yesterday, with the help from a team of engineers and builders (as well as a design student) I/(we) created the pool of all swimming pool cakes for Sam, Chris' cousin's 9th birthday. Trying to tell this team that less is more when it comes to decorations is like trying to tell my 9 year old self that you don't need so much glitter. The message just gets ignored. Anyway in the end we presented a Japanese sushi bar, airport swimming pool infested with man eating alligators. Yes. Hmm well it was colourful. Actually no it was hilariously awesome. Definitely tasty. Except for the blueberry jelly, I don't like blueberry jelly. 

We started with a triple layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing and a doughnut shape cut into the two top layers to make the pool ditch. The whole thing was iced then a bit of tin foil placed in the bottom of the pool to make it jelly proof. Then we met with council pool fencing regulations and make a chocolate finger fence around the pool. Then we got out pink wafer creams and laid the decking down. Chris, out resident design student constructed the umbrellas (the supermarket didn't have the little cocktail umbrellas so we had to improvise). Next came the alligators and the snakes and the chocolate fish and the jelly babies. Then the alligators were made to look like they had a jelly baby in their mouth and from out of no where a jet plane flew over! Note to self, don't let kids loose with fondant because next thing you know giant (proportionally giant) sushi takes a spot on the deck chairs oh wait! and so does the fruit! Haha it was awesome. We ate a lot of sugar in it's construction. Quality control of course. 

Jelly babies in deck chairs

Before the Jelly struck
The army of builders
More sushi! and an alligator

And the floodgates opened

It was destroyed

There was an alligator climbing up somewhere.

My favourite bit was the chocolate finger fencing. I love chocolate fingers :) Hmm yum. Yes this wasn't a beautiful piece of art, hand painted and sculpted but it was fun and non stressful to make. I hope the pick 'n' mix at your local supermarket gives you some inspiration! :) 

I wish I could jump in that pool (the one in the background) now haha.

See you later alligator!