Friday. I'm not too sure what I ate.

I had an interview for a new role today so the mix of nerves and not wanting to be in a curry coma by 2pm meant that lunch consisted of a 3pm apple and superwine biscuit. Come 4pm I had a killer headache. Not sure if this was brought on by hunger, dehydration, lack of caffeine or a wine craving..

I was trying to get all my pals at work to go to social clubs drinks with me as I would have killed for a wine. Alas Original Sophie was going to be working late and Kelly wanted to go home and do laundry. Sigh. Of the available flatmates one is at a radio show awards, one is working and one is on a strict bootcamp diet – no winesies for her. Sigh. I would be tempted to go open a bottle for myself but A) a bottle of wine costs the same as Wok n Noodle and Wok n Noodle > wine. B) I can’t leave a bottle unfinished – it’ll go off and spoil – what a waste of what could have been Wok n Noodle. C) Calories – I’d rather eat Wok n Noodle. D) Drinking alone sounds like it could be the beginnings of alcohol dependence.

You know what? I am going to try and make my favourite Wok n Noodle noodles this weekend. Pad see yu here I come! This could mean I could have my Wok n Noodle AND wine.

Good news though, my cake order went down a treat. The birthday girl was super stoked and excited. It’s this kind of excitement that makes me love making cakes so much for people. I have to say it was quite pretty considering I had to rummage and be a little creative with the decorating.


Breakfast: oats

Lunch: non existent 

Dinner: ugh more curry. Oh shit! I forgot the cabbage. Dammit. Now I have to eat cabbage by itself or else it'll go off and I'll waste it. 

Ok time to go to the supo and buy some golden syrup for the ginger loaves I plan on baking. This is the first Friday in yonks that I haven't been to the airport to pick Dylan up or fly to visit him. While I'm stoked I get to bake for the sake of baking I miss him :( I wish he was here, he'd drink wine with me. Oh and he's alright company too..