Saturday. Champagne and cake for lunch.

The day started off well; a 7.30am spin class to get things moving followed by a few hours of flat cleaning. So much adult productivity!! I even washed my sheets and this time didn't burn them in my drier! Whoop!! Never have I felt so in control and on top of my life.

Unfortunately you could say things went a little downhill as soon as I started icing my  little ginger loaves with cream cheese icing and candied walnuts. While I hate to boast I have to say these were delicious. So moist and rich. I shall blog about them in the morning. My flatmates were very excited as can be seen by Andy's face below..

I delivered a few to my good friend Victoria for her birthday. After only two minutes after walking in the door at 1pm did she ask if I wanted a glass of bubbles. She then proceeded to put a full cheese platter and a gazzillion cupcakes in front of me. Apparently this had been her since 10am so I thought I better play catch up. So double parked with cake and champagne whilst watching Pretty Woman was a pretty excellent way to spend a Saturday arvo if you ask me. Wine = fruit, cake contains eggs = solid source of protein. A balanced diet I do believe.  


Breakfast: oats

Lunch: champagne and cake and cheese. Aka fruit, protein and calcium.

Dinner: all the dumplings! My parents took my cousins to my favourite dumpling house and I may or may not have joined in for the ride..  

This is Andy. Andy is my flatmate. Andy was excited about date loaves. 

This is Andy. Andy is my flatmate. Andy was excited about date loaves.