Wednesday. Mum made my lunch.

Mum made me salad for lunch when I went round for dinner last night. First greens I've eaten all week. The only reason I haven't developed scurvy is because of the free mandarins I've been munching on at my flat. She was also mega cute and packed me some fruit and a wee paper parcel of dates and two pieces of chocolate. Thanks Mum x




Eggs on toast was still the dish of choice this evening. I'm away in chch this weekend and dinner with my brother on Thursday so I was like meh can't be bothered buying produce only to have most of it go off while I'm gone. Next week is a new week. I hate food waste more than not eating Eees on tees.


I did attempt to try and trick myself into thinking I was eating something flasher than eggs on toast. Cherry tomatoes, spring onion, fried shallots and Malden sea salt flakes sure tasted delicious but did little to cover up the two fat spreads of fried egg.  Baby steps though, baby steps.


Man I could eat those shallots all day. Sah good.